DFT lectures

In the last week, just before the Easter holidays, I visited Mainz for giving lectures on the density functional theory. It was an intensive course style, rather than a broad introduction over a semester, and I dealt with lots of practical aspects. I skipped all formal stuffs such as the Hohenberg-Kohm theorem and the Kohn-Sham […]

Trip to Marseille

In the previous week, I visited a colleague of mine in Marseille. Although I have been to several workshops within Germany in recent years, I just realized that this was my first busienss trip to a foreign country since 2020, which excited me a bit. As I am trying to be more responsible for my […]

I got covid

Finally, covid has come to me. I started to cough and have headache. For a few days in the beginnin, all the self-tests that I performed were negative, but I was quite certain that this is covid because it has been around since a few weeks ago, at the workplace and accoreding to the contact-tracing […]

Vacation in Ireland

In the last weekend, I visited Ireland for a short vacation as covid restrictions were mostly lifted. I had great time there. To be honest, I didn’t know much about the country. Thanks to the trip, I had a chance to learn the people, their land, and their culture. At the end, I fell in […]

Why I like giving seminar talks in small groups

In 2022, so far I have given three group seminars, roughly one per month. I think all of them went quite nice, not only for delivering the knowledge but also for exchanging ideas. What I like in particular was “friendly atmosphere” in which everyone asks questions and shares opinions freely (Probably it’s because they are […]

I still enjoy dirty works in science

Nowadays I spend more time in supervising someone than in my own project, and I am also involved in many other collaboration projects. A good thing is that as I discuss on various topics in spin-orbitronics, this really helps me to have a broader and comprehensive perspective on the field. However, I cannot spend too […]

Recording a conference presentation

In the last week, I recorded my presentation for the upcoming Joint MMM-Intermag conference. I was invited to give a talk in the symposium Frontiers of Orbital Physics: Statics, Dynamics, and Transport of Orbital Angular Momentum, and my presentation is supposed to cover theoretical aspects of the orbital current, which is my main research expertise. […]

Two more experimental papers on the orbital torque

This month, two experimental papers, in which I also contributed, have been published: Soogil Lee, Min-Gu Kang, Dongwook Go, Dohyoung Kim, Jun-Ho Kang, Taekhyeon Lee, Geun-Hee Lee, Nyun Jong Lee, Sanghoon Kim, Kab-Jin Kim, Kyung-Jin Lee, Byong-Guk ParkEfficient conversion of orbital Hall current to spin current for spin-orbit torque switchingCommunications Physics 4,234 (2021) Dongjoon Lee, Dongwook Go, Hyeon-Jong […]

Orbitronics review paper

Continuing from the previous post, I recently wrote a perspective article on orbitronics, which can be found in this link. So far, there hasn’t been much update and I confirmed that this article contains most of the up-to-date summary of the current understanding of the field. It’s just a 7-page mini-review, so just take 20-30 […]

Writing papers on orbitronics

It’s hard to deny that orbitronics research is gaining more and more momentum and it became one of the fast-evolving fields in condensed matter physics, thanks to interests from neighboring areas such as spintronics, magnetism, 2D materials, and electron transport. I’m quite happy about the current status, especially after many years of working on this […]


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